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Nikinos 2 years ago
Of course the Pathological Liar in Chief compulsively lies about everything, but lying about 9/11 related matters is real specialty of his. Off the top of my head, the Orange Scumbag has lied that thousands of Muslims were cheering on the streets after 9/11, lied that he lost hundreds of friends in the attack, lied the Wall Street opened the day after the attack, lied that after the attack he had the tallest building in Manhattan.
Goltilkree 2 years ago
Hola chicas de que parte de chile son?
Malagor 2 years ago
Nothing thicker than a thumb or less loving than a tongue will likely ever inject my asshole. xox
Fautaur 2 years ago
Name of lady or movie at 06:30?
Kazrashicage 2 years ago
Sexy as fuck lick lick suck suck